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Mission patch for STS-135

STS-135 Mission Patch

If you’ve always wanted to see a Space Shuttle launch up close and personal there’s no better opportunity than at a NASA Tweetup. This is so fantastic they could put it as a prize on Wheel of Fortune! Now, for one day and one day only you can register for the final and last NASA Space Shuttle Mission here

So don’t delay. Do it now! Registration closes tomorrow, June 2 at 11:59 am EDT. If you are lucky and get selected as a participant here’s what you’ll win!

Entrance into the NASA Kennedy Space Center and access to the media launch area for Tweetup events and launch viewing.

A day and evening full of out of this world events and presentations like meeting astronauts, NASA scientists and engineers, get suited for space, RSS retraction the daybefore launch, and lots more. *Each Tweetup is unique with events and activities and lately celebrities!

An opportunity to meet and hang out with the best Tweetup Social Media Manager ever, NASA’s Stephanie Schierholz.

Hanging out with 149 other like minded space enthusiasts who just can’t get enough of the excitement of watching humans ride a rocket to space.

A new community of friends that will last a lifetime.

Uncontrollable emotions as Atlantis lifts off which will include tears, jumps for joy, hugs, screams, applause, and happiness everywhere you look.

The ride to Florida and your accomodations are on you but when you look at all you get from the NASA end, it becomes a priceless expense and experience.

So what are you waiting for. Go sign up now! Yes, right now!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck!

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