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Physics and Chemistry!

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GM guys. The Tweetup is LIVE! Go to NASA Television to watch. Tweetup what you are learning. Tomorrow log on when you get into the lab. Launch is set for 10:28 am if rain doesn’t cause a scrub which means Atlantis won’t launch.

For those people who have asked about the assignment and how to do it here are the directions:

Use the background information on the Ares rocket. You will also need to refresh yourself on Newton’s Laws.

Fundamental Concepts and Principles, Grades 9-12
• Objects change their motion only when a net force is applied. Laws of motion are used to precisely calculate the effects of forces on the motion of objects. The magnitude of the change in motion can be calculated using the relationship F=ma, which is independent of the nature of the force. Whenever one object exerts a force on another, a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction is exerted on the first object.

Here is what you should do when you design your rocket:

Fundamental Concepts and Principles
1. Design a solution or product.
• Consider constraints.
• Communicate ideas with drawings and simple models.
2. Implement a design.
• Organize materials.
• Plan work.
• Work as collaborative group.
• Use suitable tools and techniques.
• Use appropriate measurement methods.
3. Evaluate the design.
• Consider factors affecting acceptability and suitability.
• Develop measures of quality.
• Suggest improvements.
• Try modifications.
• Communicate the process of design.
• Identify stages of problem identification, solution design, implementation, evaluation.
The challenge satisfies the following criteria for suitable design tasks:
• Well defined, not confusing.
• Based on contexts immediately familiar to students.
• Has only a few well-defined ways to solve the problem.
• Involves only one or two scientific concepts.
• Involves construction that can be readily

You won’t build this rocket but think of the activity as the process real rocket scientists use to design rockets. You can write on the packets and do the design on a plain piece of paper.

Do the same thing tomorrow for the thermal shield activity tomorrow.

If you have any questions just Tweet me!