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Welcome to The NASA Lady Live! Join my live Ustream Broadcasts.

Over the last several months, I have attended some phenomenal NASA events that have been a great opportunity for students, teachers, classrooms, communities, and the general public to engage with. When I was younger, we watched Apollo missions on television and access inside NASA Mission Control in Houston or on the press site at Kennedy Space Center was unheard of for regular people.

Atlantis on the launch pad

Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-135 on launch pad 39A the night before launch

Today, thanks to technology getting smaller, faster, and smarter and NASA opening their doors to the space loving public, we have been given an unprecedented opportunity to go where only NASA employees, the President, the military, and other government officials have gone before, inside! And you can be there too! Follow this link to my Ustream page to watch archived video of events I’ve attended and recorded live. Check the EVENTS page often to see what live broadcast will be coming up next.

Since NASA began their social media Tweetups in 2009, the gathering of 150 NASA Twitter followers has become commonplace and more frequent with lucky Tweetup participants getting not only press site access for the launch of space shuttle missions but a tour of the Vehicle Assembly Building, a chance to fly the space shuttle simulator at Johnson Space Center, an intimate talk with Doug Wheelock (@Astro_Wheels) at NASA Headquarters, a first look at NASA JPL upcoming missions including Aquarius, JUNO, and GRAIL, a moving farewell to Mars Rover Spirit, watching Curiosity, the Mars Robotic Laboratory, getting her finishing touches before being shipped out to Kennedy Space Center for the launch in November, and watching JUNO launch in August, 2011.

It’s all the way live so be sure to tune in. Ustream has a chat function that allows you to interact with the broadcast so I hope to see and hear from you soon.