Hack, Hack, Hack…….Oh My!

Jun 24, 2022   //   by Pamela Greyer   //   Latest Buzz  //  No Comments

A long time ago, right in my own little corner office, I decided that learning how to create and code websites would be fun. I think people who troll the Internet to hack into other people’s sites think the same way. If you have been trying to get to my site over the past few years and thought I was gone, it wasn’t my doing but that of hackers.

Yes, I was hacked. Not once, not twice, but several times and it has been a journey getting The NASA Lady site back up and functioning. There are still some kinks and I will be working on getting them fixed as well as adding new content as I have not been able to access the admin side of the site even though it did come back online with a few php errors that lived happily on top of my home page.

So what’s new? Way to much to talk about in my welcome back post but I will be adding new categories, new ways to interact with me. my workshops, and programs. Twitter has never stopped working so you can always find and contact me there as well @thenasalady

Gratitude goes out to Donna Michaels of Before IT Happened for inviting me to be among the first interviewees on her podcast. I met Donna at Toy Fair and we have been friends ever since. Her work is incredible and I will be posting her interview of me here on the site in the coming days.

NASA and spaceflight have also advanced so much since the last time I posted content. The US can now send astronauts back into space following the end of the Space Shuttle Program. New, bigger, more powerful rockets, rovers on Mars, space telescopes, and so much more have all happened as I worked with my hosting provider to FIX the issues.

It has been a while but I am happy to say “I’m BACK” so come and visit often, get the best news and information on all things NASA, educational opportunities including workshops, internships, and programs for students, families, and communities. Look for our new features including STEM Bytes, and much more!

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