Heliophysics Education Ambassadors

Heliophysics MissionsIn June of 2009, the first NASA Heliophysics Educator Ambassdaor workshop was held in Anchorage, Alaska. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been part of the first group of HEA’s and our experience in Alaska is unforgettable.

Thanks to the team at Uof C Berkeley, Rice University, and Hampton University we were engaged in activities that helped us understand Earth’s Heliosphere and the wonders that lie at the edge of our Solar System. We participated in teaching workshops that introduced us to using data from the THEMIS and IBEX missions, mapped Earth’s magnetic field, and took a trip to a glacier that opened everyone’s eyes on the effects of global climate change.

We were hoping that we would be able to see noctilucent clouds but the solar weather didn’t cooperate. The barbeque and open Jeep ride at Texas Gail’s house more than made up for anything we might have missed. There truly is nothing more scrumptous than fresh Alaskan Salomon cooked on a plank over an open pit fire. Breaking into groups we produced a final project that we could take back to our schools and districts to present as professional development opportunities for teachers and outreach to spread the word about the Heliosphere to students, parents, and our communities.

For the last two years, Chicago’s Adler Planetarium has been the home to new HEA’s. I conduct Heliophysic workshops and presentations in Chicago and around the country. I love it when Camilla_SDO gets to hang out with me and the girls as we talk about the Sun.

Science is so much fun and as a volunteer HEA I would love to share an incredible view of our Solar System with you! To book a presentation or workshop E-mail Me! or send me a message through the contact form on this site.

To the outer limits we go!