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In 2012 we said goodbye to Sally Ride, the first woman in space and as we bring 2012 to an end I could see no better way to end it than with this tour of the International Space Station with Expedition 33 commander, Suni Williams.  Williams led the Expedition 33 mission and performed three spacewalks with fellow astronaut Akihiko Hoshide.  Williams holds the record holder for a female astronaut with the most time logged in spacewalks. Girls around the world as you watch her tour the ISS, may you all be inspired to one day look down on the Earth from the Cupola of the ISS or from a space craft that will have humans going to the ISS and beyond.  The tour is not only informative about the ISS and how astronauts live and work there, but she shares some interesting personal anecdotes as well.  She loves Fluffernutters!


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